Client Feedback

Client Feedback – Testimonial 

I feel truly blessed to have met Sophie. At a time when i was struggling with infertility she gave me hope and support, not to mention invaluable advice and treatment. My sessions with her helped me to relax and clear my head, whilst at the same time focusing on my end goal (to have a child). I’ll never forget her kindness and the huge part she played in helping us to have our gorgeous son.


I have been visiting Sophie for the past 6 months whilst undergoing IVF for my second child.
Sophie has always been very supportive and understanding of my treatment (protocol), and ensures that the reflexology I receive is always complimentary to the stage I am at in my cycle and takes on board how I am feeling.
I always come away feeling positive, relaxed and reassured.


My husband and I initally saw Sophie to help us with our final push to conceive naturally before going for fertility treatment after trying to have a baby for 5 long years. As well as amazingly relaxing treatments which were adapted to our individual needs, Sophie also provided us with extremely valuable advice to help along the way, for example nutrition, lifestyle and emotional support.

From this point, right through to going through with IUI treatment and now during my pregancy, our visits to Sophie have been and continue to be a vital part of our preparation and coping with each stage. Seeing Sophie is like a breath of fresh air amongst the maelstrom of the medicalised fertility journey. knowing that I was going to see Sophie immediately after some of my hospital appointments really got me through. I thought everything would feel ok once I’d seen her.

Through a combination of her specialist reflexology skills, personal experience and genuine care and concern, Sophie has played a major and essential part of how we have coped with the physical and emotional demands of getting us to where we wanted to be -expecting our first child!

Sophie is the one person who I feel I can be totally honest about my worries with and ask questions I wouldn’t ask others – she’s so easy to talk to, really knowledgeable and because of her own experience I feel like she genuinely understands about something that is hard to talk about.

She offers reassurance, a listening ear, excellent advice and knows just what to say when I am struggling. It’s really hard to put the difference Sophie has had for us into words. I can’t imagine going through the treatment without her. I would definitely recommend her!!”


Having reflexology with Sophie has been a totally supportive, nurturing and relaxing experience. Her style of working is both warm and professional. She works in a holistic way that considers and supports all aspects of my health and well being. Creating the opportunity for me to tune in to my body and to feel as physically prepared as i can be for my fertility treatment. I am happy to recommend Sophie wholehearted.

Client Feedback – Testimonial