Maternity reflexology is a safe and supportive therapy for pregnant women and can be very beneficial during pregnancy, labour, and the post-natal period. We offer Maternity Reflexology in Nottingham

Reflexology can help prepare you, both physically and emotionally, for the birth of your baby, and help to maintain a balance during the rapidly changing experience of pregnancy. Reflexology is also a gentle and natural way to help you recover following the birth of your baby.

During your pregnancy

During your pregnancy, your body will go through significant changes, affecting the emotional, hormonal, and physiological balance of your body. Reflexology may help to alleviate or prevent discomforts that may arise and help to restore your body’s equilibrium, and boost your energy levels.

Regular treatments may help your body to be as healthy and comfortable as possible.

What pregnancy-related health conditions might it aid?

Reflexology may be effective in the treatment of many common pregnancy discomforts including:

  • nausea and morning sickness
  • symphysis pubis pain
  • carpel tunnel syndrome
  • digestive disorders
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • back and hip pain
  • cystitis
  • sleep disturbances
  • oedema (fluid retention)
  • stress and anxiety
  • heartburn and acid reflux
  • sciatica
  • high blood pressure
  • emotional disturbances and mood swings.

A wonderful pregnancy is what all mothers-to-be dream of. However, for some women, the nine months of pregnancy can be a long period of fatigue and discomfort, with the common conditions of pregnancy taking away the excitement and joy of expecting a baby.

By working to balance and harmonise your whole being in preparation for the birth of your baby, reflexology aims to make your pregnancy a more enjoyable and positive experience.

Some women unfortunately develop one of the more uncomfortable conditions of pregnancy, such as:

  • hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness)
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • pelvic girdle pain (symphysis pubis pain)

Specific reflexology techniques can be used to help in the treatment of these conditions.

Post-term maternity reflexology

To bring on labour in a post-term pregnancy, specific reflex points are stimulated with the intention of creating a boost of energy to encourage the body to go into labour naturally. Many women who are post-term and have no problems respond well to treatment.

Reflexology may reduce your labour time

Did you know? Research has shown that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can shorten the duration of labour, with many women requiring less pain relief.

Post natal reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle and natural way to help you recover following the birth of your baby.

Reflexology during the postnatal period can help with common problems such as:

  • inadequate lactation
  • engorged breasts
  • post-epidural pain
  • recovery following a csection
  • constipation
  • backache
  • feeling emotional
  • hormone balancing
  • post natal depression
  • stress and anxiety

You may feel both jubilant and exhausted, as well as experiencing other conflicting emotions after the baby’s birth. Sleepless nights, breastfeeding problems, frustration and fatigue can all take its toll. Treatments may help to calm and relax you, lift your mood, increase your energy levels, and encourage your body to heal.


How safe is maternity reflexology?

Reflexology is safe during pregnancy for the majority of women and many midwives are now recommending it. However there are some conditions during pregnancy where reflexology is not advisable and this is why it is important reflexology is given by a practitioner who has had specific training in the specialised techniques needed to carry it out safely and effectively.

My training and experience

As a specialist maternity reflexologist I have experience of working with many health conditions of pregnancy, and will aim to offer support through any worries or concerns that you may have.

I am trained to work in a complementary way alongside the work of your midwife, and will ask you to obtain permission from your GP, consultant or midwife before starting reflexology treatments.

My special interest is in fertility and maternity reflexology, and I have completed advanced training in preconception, pregnancy and post-natal reflexology. I am able to tailor my treatments to your specific needs, from the time you start to prepare your body for conception, to the moment you give birth to your new baby, and the immediate months beyond.